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Let It Die started in early 2003 when now highly successful metal band The Black Dahlia Murder decided to start a hardcore side project. Then unnamed, the group started writing songs as well as going through a few line up changes. Guitarists Jon Deering and Chris Trestain, bassist Matt Derda, and drummer Phil Lapointe tried out many vocalists throughout spring/summer 2003. They finally came upon Jeff Sanchez, a high school friend of Chris, and after a few practices the first solid line up was formed and Let it Die was born. The band continued practicing and writing, coming up with the most heavy hardcore they could possibly play without their equipment exploding. In mid-November, they played their first show. Following that show, drummer Phil decided to part ways with the band. That began a seemingly long and arduous attempt to find someone to replace him. A few months down the line, Rob Coran from A Knife Fight Tragedy came along and things were back on track. Since the end of 2003, Let it Die has shared the stage with the likes of Bury Your Dead, The Judas Cradle, All Out War, Undying, Himsa, Death By Stereo, and Bleeding Through, and has made quite the mark in the Detroit local hardcore scene. On April 10, they self-released a 6 song demo that was recorded with Mike Hasty from Walls of Jericho and Bart from Today I Wait at Cloud City Studios. They show no sign of slowing down. Let it Die plans on playing shows extensively with hopes of going out on the road by mid to late summer 2004.